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Nov/26th/2005 @ 01:07P]
[ mood | blah ]


I am now:


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just a poem (kinda not really about me) [
Nov/24th/2005 @ 10:13P]
[ mood | indescribable ]

Sometimes I feel like I'm different
Sometimes I feel like people don't understand
Sometimes I feel like it hurts too much
Sometimes I feel like people don't care
I will not stand for this everyone feels this pain

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Dumbass... [
Nov/21st/2005 @ 09:46P]
[ mood | Oy vey... ]

Well, today was interesting.

My sister's, appearently, "heart hurt" after it woke her up in the middle of the night, while she was running, and just random times. So we went to Urgent Care and the used the EKG machine on her (it tests the blood pressure). Appearently it came out normal, but she still needed to have a blood test. My sister, being afraid of needles or anything being stabbed into her of any kind, wigged out and crushed my hand during the whole thing after the nurse told my sister not to punch her.

While we had to wait for the results of the test as they had to be transfered to the Huntington hospital, my sister got to change into a COMFY gown and got to lie down in a COMFY bed while my mom and I were ready to pass out after waiting 4 fucking hours for everything.

So, my mom and I left after my dad arrived ("Hi dad," she said weakly, covered in wires and stickers. We found this hysterical, as she had just been talking animately to her best friend on her cell phone seconds before). They gave her an x-ray, and it turns out that some of the pain is coming from gas. That's right folks, gas. The doctor said to take care of that at home. Great, right? So when they came home ("THAT WHOLE THING WAS JUST BECAUSE OF GAS?!"), they told us she had an appointement at a cardiogramicdoctor thing.

Do you see what I have to live with?

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Nov/20th/2005 @ 10:33P]
[ mood | spiteful ]

My dad saw a drunk driver tonight.

He was swirving all over the road, took out a sign, busted 2 tires and kept driving down the street by Mako Bowl. The drunk driver, not my dad.

So my dad had to go to the police station after he reported it to identify the dude. That guy's going to jail.

Karma's a bitch, huh?

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Grading papers for my mom... [
Nov/20th/2005 @ 04:44P]
[ mood | nerdy ]

Australia iz a beutifull place. It is were the kangras live.

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meme (yes Sharon, it's your's) [
Nov/18th/2005 @ 10:57P]
[ mood | so effing tired ]

Read more...Collapse )

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webcam & fabio [
Nov/17th/2005 @ 05:18P]
[ mood | good ]

Well, Fabio came home from Argentina today. I don't know really what happened about his mom yet, I haven't asked. (She has cancer in the digestinal system, I think it's the stomache, keep her in your prayers.) Fabio's been staying with us, as he's been pretty broke. But that's fine, we all love him. And he's hilarious to be around. Before he left, I asked him what his spiderweb tatoo meant, as in, why'd he get it. His response came as ,"I don't know, it was a cool thing to get." And when he got home, his new tatoo is the iron cross (Independence!). My dad called him a Nazi, in between gunshots coming from my dad's new video game, FarCry. It's pretty good, gory to say the least. Awesome graphics from what I could tell before the kicked me away from the computers to have "guy time".

Me: But you're not even talking!
Fabio: That's the point! You and women with all this...talking. Too emotional.
Dad: Yeah! You're all so touchy-feely.

I walked away rolling my eyes.

Turns out we have an old webcam! And I mean old. It's square, that's how old it is. Hope I can use it... =D

Me: Dad, can I use the webcam?
Dad: No, you'll just be getting naked.

Another eye roll.

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Nov/16th/2005 @ 09:23P]
[ mood | irritated ]

quiz thingCollapse )

My god, Maria! How could you?! =P

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Nov/14th/2005 @ 12:41P]
[ mood | sick ]

I'm sick. Seriously, this is a bitch.

The other day when Sharon, Maria and I walked around and took pictures I think I went over the limit of exposers (or wtf it's spelled) and think some of them won't come out. Yes! The microwave on the street and the overgrown chair and the toad bench might be gone! GONE!

MUAHAHA. Want to take a walk again, Sharon? How about you, Maria? :P

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Nov/9th/2005 @ 08:45P]


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Nov/8th/2005 @ 09:42P]
Call the boys in the lead pajamas.
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yo rocas el canto [
Nov/7th/2005 @ 09:28P]

I'm bilingual and Sharon's not.

And possibly Maria. She thinks that just adding 'o' to a word will make it Spanish. "El popcorno iso yummio!"

I wish I were sarcastic. Well, funny sarcastic, not I'M A BITCH lOl, kthnxbye sarcastic.
I don't make any sense do I?
Ah well, my c00L sk!pp!n line sk!llZ will make up for it.

I need film. Feed the starving photographer with toxic rolls? Plzkthnxbye.
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I love this song... [
Nov/3rd/2005 @ 04:15P]
[ mood | contemplative ]

"The drunk kids
the Catholics
they're all about the same
they're waiting for something
hoping to be saved"

Mr. Chill is a Nazi. (coughextendedangles)

Mr. Chill: Look at that candy on on the ground! Littering! *picks it up* Open your mouth, boy! *shoves it in boy's face*

CSI TONIGHT!! And the OC. :) Unless they're playing stupid fuck baseball. Grr...

After school today Ian was just standing on the outside stairs with his mouth hanging open. We, Jennifer and I, just stood there and stared, laughing. He didn't notice. Weirdo.


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*sigh* [
Nov/2nd/2005 @ 09:02P]
[ mood | moody ]

Ian's a MoronCollapse )

From the Don Benito Halloween Party. :P Jo, Jennifer, Ian, Steven, Jack, Erin, and Amy was there. Yay!

We need more members for the Debate/White Club. We need at least ONE Republican!

"Ms. Moore: What did the ghost say when she hit her knee?
Ian: Son of a bootch!"

He never misses a beat, that one does, eh?

For Jennifer:

"Screw O People!"

More pics from the party...Collapse )

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Oct/30th/2005 @ 02:23P]
[ mood | Procrastinating is for circles ]

I stole a chunk of roofing from Home Depot today.
What?! They're pretty. XD

Halloween is officially pissing me off.
I live in Pasadena, and we ended up in fucking Monrovia when we finally found a pumpkin. And a DEMENTED one, at that.

I got all the pics from my trip to Ireland and Great Britain yesterday. I'll post only the REALLY cool ones, since me and my grandpa have over 800 combined. :P

I need to sew an apron for my costume (Alice in Wonderland, how'd you guess?), decorate the house, and write a 500 word personal essay. All today.


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george eads + csi icons [
Oct/27th/2005 @ 06:58A]
[ mood | gonna fall asleep... ]

- 3 George Eads
- 11 CSI


+11Collapse )

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binary is cool! :) [
Oct/26th/2005 @ 10:52P]
[ mood | eh... ]

011010010110000101101110 011000010110111001100100 01101001 01110010011011110110001101101011!

photographsCollapse )

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Oct/20th/2005 @ 06:48P]
[ mood | creative ]

21 Alice in Wonderland icons
17 of which are blanks

1. 2. 3.
+18Collapse )

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Oct/19th/2005 @ 06:14P]
[ mood | annoyed ]

I made some multi-fandom icons the other day and thought I'd share. :) Comment and credit if you take, please.

1. 2. 3.

+15Collapse )

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Oct/17th/2005 @ 09:31P]
[ mood | fantiful ]

We had a snow ball fight today.

I said, we had a snowball fight today.

Crazy California weather is, isn't it?

It rained extremly hard...and then the sky turned green. We thought it was the apocolypes. Stupid slacker/morons/"popular" people. LYK ONG ITS RAAAINENG!!1 -_- I wanted it to turn green again so I could take photographs but nooo, it decides to be normal again.

EDIT: No one else can see this part! MUAHAHA!

In conclusion, after my devoted stalkerness talk about friends, I need sleep. Just one -long- quote.

Me: Your mom!
Ian: Your mom's face!
Me: You mom's toe!
Ian: Your mom's nose!
Me: Your mom's intestines!
Ian: Your mom's pancreas!
Me: *cracks up at the word pancreas*

BTW... the "snowballs" were hail. :P In case you didn't already figure that out.

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